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Wednesday, 28 December 2016 14:22

Simple remedy to use when you are drunk

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The first and certain way to prevent drunken symptoms is to wait for the alcohol to leave your system, a process that could take several hours. Because there is no instant cure for being drunk, there are things you can do to speed up the body's process of flushing out the alcohol.

Simple Remedy

• Stop drinking immediately. The first step toward sobering up is to stop drinking right away. Ideally, you should stop drinking early on in the night to give yourself enough time to sober up before going to bed or getting yourself home.
This doesn't mean switching from liquor to beer. Put down whatever alcoholic beverage you've been drinking and sip on water instead.

Drink enough water. Alcohol has a dehydrating effect, so it's important that you offset this by drinking plenty of water. Try to match every drink of alcohol you have with one cup of water. Not only will this slow down the drinking process, it will help replenish your body's fluids and prevent hangovers the next day.

• Eat food. If you've been drinking on an empty stomach, part of the reason you're feeling so drunk is that there is nothing in your stomach to absorb the alcohol. Eat a substantial meal that is carb-heavy to help soak up the alcohol and ease any nausea you may feel.

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• Take coffee. Caffeinated beverages won't sober you up, but they will counteract some of the sedative effects of alcohol, helping you feel more alert.[1] Remember that caffeine and alcohol both dehydrate you, so be sure to drink some water too.

A) Don't drink coffee unless you plan on staying awake for the next several hours. If it is the end of the night, then skip the caffeine and just drink some water before going to bed.
B) Note that even though you may feel more sober, caffeine won't improve cognitive function, motor skills, or decision-making abilities.[2]

• Take a cold shower. The sudden splash of cold water will immediately jolt you awake and have you feeling more alert.

A) Don't take a cold shower if you are vomiting or might have alcohol poisoning, because alcohol already lowers the body temperature.[3]

• Sleep: Once you have gotten some food and water into your system, sleeping overnight is the best way to sober up. Be sure to give yourself enough time to sleep (at least 7 hours) if possible. Plan your night accordingly so that you have enough time to sleep before getting up the next morning.

A) Always drink at least one full glass of water before going to bed drunk, and pop an ibuprofen if you are prone to getting headaches the day after drinking.

Advice from me

Drink responsibly. If you are getting ready for a long night out, then it's important to pace yourself and space out the drinks you consume. Stick to one type of alcohol to avoid feeling sick, and opt for beer or wine if possible, as these drinks take longer to finish and will fill you up fast.

Eat a large meal before you start drinking. Having something in your stomach will prevent you from getting drunk too fast, and give your body something to absorb the alcohol with.

Drink plenty of water. Drinking enough water will keep you from getting too drunk too fast and prevent the onset of hangovers the next day. Try to have one cup of water for every drink of alcohol you have, and always drink at least one glass of water before going to bed.

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