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Thursday, 12 January 2017 00:26

What is affiliate Cookie Duration: Pay Per Sale/Pay Per Lead

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What is affiliate Cookie Duration , Pay Per Sale , Pay Per Lead in Affiliate Marketing

If you are new in Affiliate Marketing, you may have come across this terms used regularly, then you may want to know what is Pay Per Sale , Pay Per Lead, what is affiliate cookie duration, how do affiliate cookies work, how long do affiliate cookies last?

What is Pay per Sale in affiliate marketing

Pay per sale is the terms used in affiliate marketing where the advertiser pays an affiliate an agreed commission for sales of products generated through their affiliate link.

Example, a customer follows the affiliate link to the advertiser's website and purchases something, during such a purchase, the affiliate is identified through the system scripts of the affiliate program. Based on purchase information the affiliate is paid a pre-agreed commission.

What is Pay per Lead in affiliate marketing

Pay per lead is the terms used in affiliate marketing where the advertiser pays the affiliate for a certain action like a software download, sign-up of a newsletter or subscription, filling out an application form, etc. If the customer follows an affiliate link to the advertiser's website and makes the required action, then the affiliate gets an agreed commission.

What are affiliate cookies

A cookie is a small data that websites can send to your computer so they can identify you when you come back. That is how most major sites such as Facebook, Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Hotmail and YouTube with others can tell that you have returned and auto fill some of your login information for you, or immediately present your account and remember your last activities on their site.

How affiliate cookies work

Affiliate cookies is the same as a regular cookies, but instead of login information, it transfers information about your affiliate account to the advertiser’s site so that you can get your commission for referring a customer to their site in the case they decide to buy something.

How long do affiliate cookies last

Affiliate cookie duration is important for an affiliate marketer because cookies normally time out, so now it depends on the advertisers terms and condition about how long they will keep your affiliate cookies on the system, some advertisers can store your affiliate cookies on their system for 30 days,45 days or even 60 days so it is important that when choosing an advertiser to promote their products you will check how long they will store your affiliate cookies on their system.

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I hope above information will help you to understand some Affiliate marketing terms that looks strange to you when you begin your first Affiliate marketing, drop your questions and comment we will be happy to answer them.

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