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Friday, 13 January 2017 20:18 free tool to post website RSS Feed to Twitter/Facebook

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(0 votes) free tool to post rss feed to twitter and facebook page

The main problem any blog can come across is how to post rss feed to twitter and facebook page automatically, using you can post RSS feeds to Twitter and facebook.

After using a variety of different tools I finally found one that would automatically share my new blog posts direct from my RSS FEED - is perfect tool to use When you're running a blog, a lot of your time can be taken up by writing content, recording/editing videos and creating new graphics to go into your posts.

One task that I always find particularly time-consuming is sharing new posts across the blog's different social media platforms. This seems like something that should really be automated and it means that I can spend more time on tasks like outreach and engagement through social, rather than just logging into each of my different accounts to share my latest post.

Dlvr Login

How to use to Automatically share your Blog post on social media.

When you are using, you can link up your blog's RSS feed to your different social media accounts to automatically share your posts. Not only does this save you time, but it also enables you to use their analytics dashboard to get the whole statistics on how your posts have performed across social media, below is what Dashboard looks like once you login with your Twitter username and password. Dashboard


Getting Started using

* Automate your website RSS Feed to Twitter and facebook

Using you can save a lot of time especially the area of sharing all your new blog post manually to your social media accounts, so this tool have come to help us to do this job automaticaly, all you need to do is just click on "Add New Feed" as shown in the picture above, then below window will display, then follow the process and add your website RSS Feed address.

Dlvr Add New Feed


* How to use to connect all your social media accounts

This is another amazing features of, you can connect your Twitter or facebook account and more to this tool and share your post across the networks, to do that just Look at the Dashboard, you will see icon at the top written "Socials" Click on it just click on it and below window will display, then follow the process and add your social media accounts.

Dlvr Connect Social 


* How to use to post or schedule tweet across your social media

Using  you can post tweet right away or schedule it to be post at later time, to get started just go back to your Dashboard and click on "New post" located at the Top left corner and below window will show, then follow the process and get the job done, make sure that after writing your post that you select your social media account you want to share the post on.

Dlvr Posting


* How can I see the statistics of my post across the social media

This tool is amazing, you must try and use it and discover all it has to help your business, to check your stats. just go back to your dashboard and click on the Icon written "Stats" at the Top of the menu and below window will display.

Dlvr Statistics


Discover  RSS Feed settings

You can use the settings features to decide how you want your RSS Feeds to be posted, so to get started just click on the Rss feed you want to change it's settings and the below window will display, then follow the process and change the settings.

 Dlvr Settings


Click on the settings as shown above to see below options

Dlvr Settings22


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I hope above information will help you on How To Use For your Social Media Management especially for your RSS Feed Automation sharing on social media, so if you have any specific question just drop your comment and we will get back to you with answer, also share this post to help your friends that need to use this application to manage their business. 

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