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Don Sunny

Don Sunny

Saturday, 10 December 2016 00:39

11 Top mango fruit information you must know

Amazing uses of mango fruit that everyone must know

Mango is a juicy stone fruit belonging to the genus Mangifera, consisting of numerous tropical fruiting trees, cultivated mostly for edible fruit. The majority of these species are found in nature as wild mangoes. They all belong to the flowering plant family Anacardiaceae. The mango is native to South Asia, from where it has been distributed worldwide to become one of the most cultivated fruits in the tropics.

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General uses of mango tree

* Burn fat fast

Scientist found that mango skins have big fat burning potential. Another study found that mango seed extract helped overweight people lose an average of 28 pounds in 10 weeks. It’s believed that mango seed ingredients slow metabolism.

* Destroys cancer cells

Mango have vitamin C and fiber, mangoes also have phenols and enzymes which give them anti-carcinogenic properties. Research shows that pectin, a fiber found in mangoes, can prevent gastrointestinal cancer.

Mango extract has also been proven to hinder growth of breast and colon cancer cells.

* Boost libido

According to research, Mangoes have high amounts of vitamin E which boosts libido and helps regulate hormones

* Alkalize the body

Like most fruits and veggies, mangoes have alkalizing effect on the body. Eating mangoes may reduce acidity in the body and lower risk of arthritis, kidney disease, weak bones and muscle impairment.

* Stabilize blood pressure

Eating mango seed extract daily lowered blood pressure. Mangoes are also rich in potassium which helps lower blood pressure.

* Strengthen immune system

Mangoes can reduce risk of diseases and infections since they stimulate growth of white blood cells.

* Relieve pain

Researchers found that mango bark extract was as effective as morphine in relieving pain.

Mangoes have also been proven to improve brain function and eliminate fungi and bacteria.

* Reduce cholesterol

Researchers found that mango extract lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. And an animal study found that mangoes prevent increase in cholesterol levels in animals that were on a high-fat diet.

* Increase iron levels

Mangoes don’t have high amounts of iron. But they’re rich in vitamin C which increases absorption of iron in the body. Drinking mango juice with iron-rich foods lowers risk of anemia.

* Rejuvenate the skin

Mangoes help keep the skin firm, strong and supple since they enhance production of collagen. Mangoes are also rich in vitamin C and E which prevent damage of skin by sun and fight aging. Lastly, applying mango flesh on the skin can reduce acne and fight infections.

* Improve eye health

Mangoes contain vitamin A which improves eye health and prevents eye-related disorders.

* Regulate blood sugar

Even though they’re sugary, mangoes don’t cause blood sugar spike. In fact, research shows they are beneficial to diabetics. Additionally, mangoes have very high fiber content which helps regulate blood sugar levels.

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Amazing 8 Benefits of drinking Lemon water every morning

What is Lemon?

Lemon is a species of small evergreen tree native to Asia. The tree's ellipsoidal yellow fruit is used for culinary and non-culinary purposes throughout the world, primarily for its juice, which has both culinary and cleaning uses. The pulp and rind (zest) are also used in cooking and baking. The juice of the lemon is about 5% to 6% citric acid, which gives a sour taste. The distinctive sour taste of lemon juice makes it a key ingredient in drinks and foods such as lemonade and lemon meringue pie.

Top warm water with lemon benefits


Lemon juice helps to loosen and flush out toxins from the digestive tract. Lemon juice can help ease indigestion, heartburn, and bloating. It also helps to move your bowels in the morning, hydrates your colon, stimulate bile production, and infuses water in your stool.

* Boost Immune System

Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C, which helps strengthen the immune system and fights cold and flu. But not only vitamin C is important for a good working immune system, iron is another important nutrient, and lemons improve the ability to absorb more iron from the food you eat.

* Boost Energy

Lemon water gives you an instant boost of energy and improves your mood right at the start of your day.

* Promote Healthy And Rejuvenated Skin

Lemons are a rich sources of antioxidants that prevent free radical damage. These free radicals are responsible for pre-mature aging of your skin. Vitamin C helps to maintain your skin’s elasticity to prevent the formation of wrinkles and decrease blemishes.

* Reduce Inflammation

Lemons have the ability to remove uric acid from your joints. Uric acid built-ups are one of the major causes of inflammation.

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* Weight Loss Aid

Although lemon water on its own is no weight loss miracle, it can definitely help you to achieve faster and long term results. Lemons assist in fighting hunger cravings, boost metabolism, and give you a stuffed feeling, making it less likely to snack in between meals.

* Cleansing Properties

Lemons help your entire body to flush out more toxins to prevent built-ups and damage to your cells, tissues, and organs. It stimulates your liver to produce more enzymes and work more efficiently. Lemon juice works as a diuretic to keep your urinary tract toxin-free and can also change the pH levels which discourage bacterial growth. This is very helpful for people who often suffer from UTI (urinary tract infection). And like mentioned before, lemons loosen and flush out waste from your digestive tract and cleanse your colon.

* Antibacterial and Antiviral Properties

Lemons have antibacterial and antiviral properties. They help fight the flu, cold, and soothe a sore throat. Although people who drink their daily lemon water every day are less likely to get these in the first place.

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12 Top Benefits of eating cucumbers in our daily life


What is Cucumber?

Cucumber is a widely cultivated plant in the gourd family, Cucurbitaceae. It is a creeping vine that bears cucumiform fruits that are used as vegetables. There are three main varieties of cucumber: slicing, pickling, and seedless.

12 uses for cucumbers daily

*  Lower risk of cancer: According to research cucumbers have polyphenols that can reduce the risk of uterine, ovarian, prostate, and breast cancer. Additionally, researchers believe that cucurbitacins (phytonutrients in cucumbers) can help fight cancer.

* Protects your brain: Cucumbers contain fisetin, a compound that improves brain health. This animal study shows fisetin can prevent memory loss in Alzheimer’s patients.

* Removes toxins from your body: The water in cucumbers will help flush out toxins out of your body. Cucumbers also help dissolve kidney stones.

* Reduces stress: Cucumbers can contribute to reducing stress and anxiety since they are rich in B vitamins.

* Better skin and hair: You can apply cucumber skin on your skin to treat irritation and sunburns. Cucumbers also have Sulphur and silicon which enhance hair growth.

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* Reduce hangover and headaches: Eating a few slices before going to bed can prevent hangover and headaches in the morning.

* Reduce arthritis and gout pain: Cucumbers are rich in vitamins and minerals that reduce uric acid build up and strengthen connective tissues. Eating them can reduce gout and arthritis pain.

* Stay hydrated: Cucumbers contain 96 percent water. So eating them regularly can prevent dehydration and reduce the amount of water you should drink in a day.

*  Eliminates bad breath: Keeping a cucumber slice in your mouth for a few minutes can remove bacteria that cause bad breath. Cucumbers also reduce stomach heat, which is considered the cause of bad breath.

*  Fights inflammation: Research shows that cucumber can fight inflammation due to their strong anti-inflammatory properties.

*  Attain your ideal weight: Cucumbers will keep you full without consuming excess calories. One medium size cucumber has 47 calories. They’ll also prevent hunger due to high fiber content.

*  Improves digestive health: Cucumbers will benefit your digestion because they contain water and fiber. For one thing, drinking lots of water can reduce acid reflux and bloat. And fiber improves bowel movement and can treat constipation.

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Friday, 07 October 2016 04:45

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Nigerian Food: Yoruba Ewedu Soup (Details of How to make it below)

Ewedu soup is indigenous to the people of Yoruba, a very popular Nigerian ethnic group.


Ingredients for making ewedu soup is as follows; this would make a simple pot of soup for about six people. You can increase or decrease the ingredients depending on the number of people you are looking to feed and of course their stomach sizes.


Ewedu leaves (corchorus olitorius) 300g
1/2 teaspoon of powdered potash
1.5 cups of water
Ewedu Broom or a blender
Salt to taste
Maggi (1 or 2 cubes)
Chilly Pepper to taste
4-5 spoons of ground crayfish

There are more simple ways to prepare this soup without the use of the mashing broom. You can slice the leaves to tiny bits and commence cooking
or you can follow the process below with a mashing ewedu broom, the normal way.

One of the qualities of the the ewedu leaf is the ability to draw, perhaps the reason you can not make this soup with any other leaf.


How to Prepare Ewedu Soup

Nicely pick just the leaves (no stem allowed), then go ahead and wash properly with a lot of water to remove any sand left on it.

Pour 1.5 cups of water to a cooking pot and heat to boiling point, add the washed ewedu leaves, soak the half teaspoon of potash in half cup of water and filter into the pot (to soften the leaves), cook for 7-10 minutes.

Then use the cooking broom to mash (more like pound) continuously inside the pot, this will turn the leaves to tiny bits after mashing for about five minutes.

Alternatively, You can also transfer into a blender and pulse a couple of times, I think this way is easier and better.

Transfer back to the pot and add the ground crayfish, maggi, salt and pepper to taste. Allow to simmer for just five minutes and you are done with making ewedu soup.

Serve ewedu soup plus stew and meat with either amala, eba, semo or pounded yam, the exact way a Yoruba man would love it.

Wednesday, 05 October 2016 05:54



This recipe is also known as "Asaro". Made with Yam, vegetables, your choice of seafood(Titus fish, shrimps OR crayfish). Makes for a great dinner idea.


Palm Oil (to color)
1 smoked fish (titus/mackerel) OR Dry fish
1 tablespoon ground crayfish
1 medium onion
Fresh green vegetable e.g Pumpkin, Parsley or Scent leaf (Effirin or Nchanwu)
Habanero or Chilli Pepper
Salt – to taste
Knorr Cubes


Peel & cut the yam tuber into medium sizes. Wash the yam cubes and place in a sizeable pot.
Wash & cut the onions into tiny pieces. Grind / Blend the chilli pepper. Set these aside. If using dry fish, soak and pick the bones at this time.
Pour enough water to cover the yam cubes and start cooking at medium to high heat. If you are using dry fish, add it now.
When the yams have got a good boil, add the onions, ground crayfish, pepper, Knorr cubes, palm oil & the smoked fish.
Cover the pot and continue cooking till the yam is done. Add salt to taste and stir very well. Cook at high heat for about 5 minutes.
Add the green vegetable, stir and leave to stand for about 3 minutes then serve!


Wednesday, 05 October 2016 05:49



Get delicious salad recipes here, Fresh and very easy to make. Best enjoyed with family & friends!


1 medium bunch of Lettuce
5 Carrots
4 Potatoes
2 Cucumbers
3 Eggs
1 415g tin of Baked Beans in tomato sauce
200g Sweet Corn
5 Tomatoes
Salad Dressing – Salad Cream, Caesar Salad Cream or Mayonnaise


Start off by cooking the potatoes, and boiling the eggs. You can do this in the same pot at the same time.
Wash all the vegetables, cut the lettuce into thin shreds; shred the carrots using a grater; peel and cut the boiled potatoes into cubes.
Peel the cucumber, remove the seeds and cut in strips; remove the seeds from the tomatoes and cut into small pieces.
Open the baked beans tin and set aside. Also remove the shells of the eggs once they are boiled, slice in thin shapes and set aside.
With the exception of the egg, add all the ingredients into a big salad bowl in little batches.
Now, place the sliced eggs on the salad. Cover the bowl and place in the fridge for at least one hour. This helps all the flavours and aromas mix well in the dish.
Serve with any of the salad dressings mentioned above.



This delicious recipe is popular among the Igbos and is made in form of porridge from fresh breadfruit.


2 - 3 cups of Ukwa - depending on how many people you are feeding
1 cup of shredded smoked fish
Palm oil
Knorr cubes
2 - 3 pieces of ata rodo


Rinse the Ukwa, add water to the pot to cook it. You can use a pressure pot to save time or add potash to make it cook quicker
Once it has softened sufficiently, check the water level. If it has absorbed all the water, add a little more, just enough to top it, then add fresh pepper, palm oil, salt and 1 Knorr cube. Stir and just let it cook till the palm oil and pepper blend with the flavour of the Ukwa and the pale cream colour has changed to a brown shade of yellow. You may wish to mash it slightly with a wooden spoon to make it creamy like beans pottage.


Wednesday, 05 October 2016 05:28



Get this quick and easy recipe for spaghetti. Saves you time and energy when hunger strikes.


Vegetable oil
Mixed vegetables
Curry powder
Knorr chicken
Tomato paste
Salt to taste.



Parboil your spaghetti with salt for atleast 10 mins then sieve.
Thaw your Turkey meatloaf, Heat up 5 tablespoon vegetable oil for 1minute then add your onion ,mixed vegetable ,salt,curry, Knorr chicken, tomato paste & pepper.
Allow to cook for at least 4 mins then add your parboiled spaghetti mix together and allow to cook for 5 mins.

Wednesday, 05 October 2016 05:21

Nigerian Food: NSALA SOUP, (How to make it)

How to make Nigerian NSALA SOUP: Details Below

Give your family a treat with Nsala Soup, rich in carbohydrate and protein. It is spiced with pepper, crayfish and ogiri/iru, utazi leaves and Knorr seasoning. It is enjoyed with swallow meals.


1 medium sized Cat Fish
5 small sized raw yam cubes or yam powder
2 tablespoonful chopped Utazi Leaves
1 tablespoonful ground Crayfish
1 teaspoonful Ogiri or Iru (locust beans)
1 tablespoonful chopped Onions
Chili pepper (to taste)
1-2 Knorr cubes
Salt (to taste)


Cook the meat or dried fish with onions, Knorr cube and salt to taste. Cook until done and set aside.
Peel the yam cubes and boil until soft, then pound to a smooth paste, using a mortar and pestle. If what you have is yam powder, boil some hot water,add the powder and stir continuously until you get a smooth paste. Set the yam paste aside for later use.
Next, place the catfish into a pot, pour enough water to cover it, add the chopped onions, Knorr cube and salt to taste.
Cook for about 10-15 minutes or until the fish is almost done.
Now, add the pepper, crayfish and ogiri/iru.
Also, add the yam paste bit by bit and leave the soup to cook until the paste is completely dissolved and the fish is well done.
Finally, add the utazi leaves, taste for salt and simmer for 30 seconds.


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