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Don Sunny

Don Sunny

Monday, 03 October 2016 16:34

Couple styling on African Ankara (PHOTOS)

Click below to see Photos of selected latest Couple styling on African Ankara



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Latest Fashion on shoes and bags designed with African Ankara

Latest Fashion on bags and shoes designed with African Ankara

Sunday, 02 October 2016 09:50

Selected latest styles with Ankara (PHOTOS)

Click below to see Photos of selected latest styles with African Ankara







Friday, 16 September 2016 03:36

Frequently Asked Social Network Questions1

Frequently Asked Social Network Questions

 1. What is Seekers Match Social Network?

A) Seekers Match social network is a social media and market platform. It allows you to communicate & share things with friends & family, sell your own products & services, promote your own business and Market your Talent.

2. How does Seekers Match Social Network work?

A) It is easy. Seekers Match Social network provides you with a social network platform that allows you to connect, share and communicate with family and friends, similar to the way Facebook works.

3.  How can I Register at Seekers Match Social Network?

A) To join Seekers Match Social network, click on register anywhere on the site to begin your registration process, you can easily register with your face book account very fast

4. Is Seekers Match Social Network free to join?

A) Yes, it is totally free to join and use everything provided at that section

5. Can I promote my Profile to be "Featured Member" on Seekers Match Social Network?

A) Yes, you can Promote yourself, it is your choice if you want to be very popular and for people to message you very fast in case you want to Market your Talent or services, in that case you need to contact us for mode details at 

6. How do I log out?

A) To Log out from your account, click on "Log out" at the Top Menu of the site, located at the right side as shown at the picture below or you can Log out from your Dashboard "User Menu" among the options in the dropdown, you will find "Log Out". Click on "Log Out" that is it.


7. How can I invite my friends to join Seekers Match?

A) To invite friends, you can simply use the tools provided at the member area by clicking at " Invite Friends "  or you can give them the website address

8. What opportunities can I get when I join Seekers Match Network?

A) Everything in Seekers Match is Opportunity because once you sign in to your account, you have access to use the Classified,Jobs,Property listings and Blog section for free, you can sell your product and services for free unless you want to Promote your Advert which is optional service and it is your choice, basically everything is free just like face book

Friday, 16 September 2016 03:35

Classified on Seekers Match1

Classified on Seekers Match

Seekers Match provides you with great Market platform, which is a very powerful and one of the best online market place or a classified website in Africa.

Seekers Match Classified section allows you to market, buy & sell all products and services on the internet. It is intended to encourage users to become powerful business people who are capable of building for themselves a high business profile and sustainable financial capacities for self development.

This is how Seekers Match Classified Section works:

Posting Your Ad

  • You post your ad for free when you login to your account, then Click on " Classified " when the page open you will see Menu as Below Picture and click on  "Post Your Ad"

Post Ad

Promoting Your Ad

  • While posting your ad for free, you can also decide to Promote your Ad, it is your choice if you need fast result, basically to post AD is free, if you choose otherwise to Promote the AD then you can select different packages available for promotion (Featured ads, highlight ad, or bring ad to top) refer to " PROMOTE YOUR AD " for more information, that will make your ad gets even a bigger publicity.

  • If you select a promotion package, you will be required to make payment for the purpose of promoting your ad.

Review of Your Ad.

  • After you have posted your ad, your ad is submitted to be reviewed by the team at Seekers Match.

  • Your ad will be approved if it conforms with the policies regarding the " terms and conditions " on Seekers Match, and it can be rejected if it does not conform with the " terms and conditions "

  • While your ad is not approved, you can check the status of your ad in " My Ads "


After Your Ad is Approved

  • If your ad is approved, it will appear "Live" on the Seekers Match Website Classified Section

  • The number of times an ad has been viewed is counted automatically and is visible to only the user who posted the ad. so you can check how your ad is performing by going to My Ads


Getting More Publicity.

  • You can promote each of your ads by using a sharing button on the ad to share the ad to popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

  • Your ad will also automatically be sent to the database of search engine providers such as Google, Yahoo etc so that people searching for things related to your ad can find your ad on the internet.


Ad Expiration

  • After Thirty (30) days of posting your ad, your ad will expire and be deleted automatically unless it has a promotion that extends beyond thirty (30) days.

  • In the case where your ad has promotion that extends beyond thirty (30) days, instead of your ad being deleted, your ad will be unpublished and you can click on "Renew" in My Ads to renew the ad for another thirty (30) days till your ad's promotion expires

  • However, fourteen (14) days after posting your ad, you will receive notification that your ad has been live for fourteen (14) days and that, it will expire another two (2) weeks.


Getting Customers from Your Ad.

  • People searching for items on the internet related to your ad whether on Google, Yahoo, or another search engine or on Seekers Match will find your ad.

  • The prospective customers that your ad is targeting may contact you concerning your ad.


Staying Safe

  • 9. Be sure to verify that you are dealing with genuine people as scammers can present themselves  as genuine and end up stealing valuables from you. Click " here " for more details on how you can stay safe on Seekers Match

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How To Sell Fast


Friday, 16 September 2016 03:33

How To Sell Fast on seekers Match1

Selling fast means getting a lot of views for your Advert and getting a lot of people to be your customers as a result.

Here is how you can sell fast on Seekers Match:

All you need to do is to make your advert standout among the rest.

a. Writing the Advert Headline

  1. Be Brief: A good advert headline tells a lot about your advert in few words.

  2. Don't force yourself to write "catchy" headlines. Just write exactly what your ad is. e.g, instead of writing "A very high quality and and attractive phone" consider writing "Nokia Lumia 535 Phone Made in USA"

b. Writing Your Ad Description

  1. Instead of writing notes about your ad, consider outlining the major features of your ad in a list format. List format is more appealing and easier to read.

  2. Categorize the features of your advert for easy reading. Example:

        Phone Memory Card Features

        Phone Battery Features
  3. List enough of the features of your ad to make sure it completely describes exactly what you are selling.

  4. Write your ad in clear and simple language for easy understanding.

  5. Be professional and write full text instead of shorthand words and informal words. e.g write "My phone is original" instead of "ma fone x original"

  6. Be honest about your products and services. Don't write features or services you can't provide.

c. Use Real And Professional Images

  1. Ads with photos get better views, about 10 times than those with no photos. Ads without photos look incomplete and a lot of people tend to ignore them. Add photos to your ads always.

  2. Use clear and nice photos not photos with someone's brand watermarked on them.

  3. The product you are selling should be the major focus in the photo.

  4. The photo should be large enough. Recommended size is 800px

d. Pricing

  1. If your product looks too expensive, consider reducing the price. Know the market price of the product you are selling and let it guide your pricing.

  2. If your product looks too low or too expensive, consider explaining the price in your description. e.g. If the price is too low, make it known if discount/promotion is the reason for the low prices. If the price is too expensive, make it known, the unique features you have.

e. Use Keywords, Share to Social Network.

  1. Keywords: Keywords/Key-phrases are words or phrases that best describe your products. Typing in keywords or key-phrases helps your ad to appear in search results like that of Google, Yahoo and others so that people find it easily.

    Also Keywords and key-phrases help people on Seekers Match to find you advert easily. When people click on keywords or key-phrases related to your keywords or key-phrases under somebody's advert, your own advert will show up.

  2. Share to Social Networks: Sharing to social networks is also a very powerful way to get more publicity for your ad. Whenever you post and advert, social network share buttons are automatically generated on your ads. You can then use those social share buttons to share your advert to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.

f. Promote Your Ad.

  1. You can promote your advert to be featured, highlighted and brought to top daily.

  2. Promoted ads get better views, up to 10 times than the other ads.

  3. Promoting your ad makes it look as if it has been endorsed by Seekers Match and people tend to pay better attention to it.

  4. It is affordable to promote your advert on seekers match
  5. Learn more about to Promote your Advert Promote Your Ad
Friday, 16 September 2016 03:30

How To Promote Your Advert

Promote Your Ad

Are you a company or Business owner who want to advertise your Business to Millions of people? or Do you want to Promote your AD that you have on this site and make it "Featured" on all Pages on Seekers Match? Check out our affordable packages below and contact us  for payment to assign a package to you.


Featured Ads: Per week 

Nigeria - N1,600

Ghana - GHS20

Other Country - $USD5
(Your AD will be scrolling on most of the pages on Seekers Match)


Featured and Highlighted Ads: Per week 

Nigeria - N2,400

Ghana - GHS30

Other Country - $USD8

(Your AD will be Featured and highlighted,will be scrolling on most of the pages on Seekers Match)


Highlighted Ads: Per week

Nigeria - N1,600

Ghana - GHS20

Other Country - $USD5

(Your AD will be Highlighted, it will stand out among other Ads with a Colored Background, but it will not be Featured)


Bring to Top Ads: Per week

Nigeria - N1,600

Ghana - GHS20

Other Countries - $USD5

(Your AD will jump to the top of all other ADS every day, but not featured )



Featured Ads: Per week

Nigeria - N4,000

Ghana - GHS50

Other Countries - $USD13

(Your AD will be labeled featured on most of the pages on Seekers Match)


Featured Ads: Per week

Nigeria - N4,000

Ghana - GHS50

Other Countries - $USD13

(Your AD will be labelled featured on most of the pages on Seekers Match)


* Company or Business owner who want to advertise with us: (call for advert packages and prizes)


We accept payment via Mobile Money, WebMoney, bitcoin, Perfect Money, Western Union, Money Gram, Payza & Bank Transfer


MTN: 0554481013
Vodafone: 0209619943
Airtel: 0260738493
Tigo: 0274378588





Friday, 16 September 2016 03:23

Frequently Asked Classified Questions1

Frequently Asked Classified Questions

1. Is it free to post an Advert on Seekers Match Classified Section?

Yes, it is free to post an advert on Seekers Match. before you can post a free advert you have to register as a member of and then you can have access to post free advert. and to use all the section on include Social Network,Jobs,Property and Blog section all for free, non-registered visitors can browse all advert on and make contacts with the registered owners of adverts. Also You will be charged moderately if you select a promotion package for your advert.

2. How can I post an advert at the Classified section?

  • You post your advert for free when you login to your account, then Click on " Classified " when the page open you will see Menu as Below Picture and click on  "Post Your Ad "

Post Ad


  1. Choose category for your advert.
    After you finish choosing the category, wait a while and you will be redirected automatically to the rest of the form where you can write about your advert and then submit your ad for approval.

3. How long does it take for an Advert to be reviewed and approved?

Latest within twenty-four (24) hours, your ad will be reviewed, it may take less than 2 hours in most cases, We manually review all Advert before allowing them on Seekers Match to ensure Safe Trade for our users.

4. My advert was rejected, why and what should I do?

If your ad was rejected, then your ad violates our terms and conditions This is what you can do: visit our terms and conditions page then read it carefully and then edit your advert and make sure your your advert conforms with the terms and conditions, then submit your advert again for review.

5. No prospective customer has contacted me about my advert, what should I do?

Please, read our guide about How To Sell Fast on Seekers Match. It will help you greatly.

6. How can I promote my ad?

At the bottom of the page where you are posting a new advert or editing an existing advert, you can select a promotion for your advert. Check this article, How To Promote Your Ad. on Seekers Match.


7. How long does my advert stay on Seekers Match?

Your advert will expire thirty (30) days after you have posted your advert, After the expiration, your advert will be deleted automatically from the site if your ad has no promotion. If your advert has promotion, then after the expiration, your advert will not be deleted. Rather it will be unpublished and you can renew it in My Ads Section of your Member Control panel After renewing the advert, your advert promotion will resume.

11. How can I stay safe on Seekers Match?

Here is a quick guide on how you can stay safe on Seekers Match

  1. Use strong password on this site and do not share it with any person. A strong password contains lower alphabets, upper alphabets, numbers, symbols and do not follow any pattern. Avoid using your name, date of birth, phone numbers as your password.

  2. Before you deliver an item or money to another person, meet the person face to face in physical at a public place. You could send money to the wrong person if you don't meet in person also if you meet the person at isolated and quiet places you could be attacked.

  3. Report to us if you suspect an advert is fake or a scam or something of the sort, just send the link to the advert to us and we will take appropriate action

  4. If you have been a victim of a scam or fraud, report to the nearest police station immediately.

  5. Learn more about how to stay safe on Seekers Match
Friday, 16 September 2016 03:17

Staying Safe On Seekers Match1

Staying Safe On Seekers Match

  1. Create a strong password for your account. Do not use familiar words, number strings or patterns such as your phone number, your own name, date of birth etc as your password. Include letters, numbers and symbols in a random way to prevent other people from knowing it easily.
  2. Do not share your account or password with any person.
  3. Do not use your password anywhere else on the internet except on Seekers Match
  4. When contacting people who are selling on Seekers Match, meet them in person in an open and busy place in order to exchange items, do not meet the person at isolated and quiet places you could be attacked.
  5. If you see an advert that seems unreal or that seems like scam or fraud, report to us immediately, send the advert link to us
  6. If a user on Seekers Match has defrauded you, report to the police immediately before reporting to us.
  7. Be a check on your neighbor on Seekers Match. Assist if a friend or member is in need.

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