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Nationton Republic is not an investment site or a financial institution . The money you pay to register on Nationton Republic is a subscription fee which you pay in order to use the paid services of Nationton Republic. The commission you earn for getting a person to register on Nationton Republic is our reward to you for helping to build a business community that benefits you and us and others.


What Nationton Republic Is Not:

  1. Nationton Republic is not an investment website, financial institution or something of the sort. We do not accept deposits and we do not promise interests.
  2. Nationton Republic is not some too rich institution with huge deposit of funds distributing money to people.


What Nationton Republic Is:

  1. Nationton Republic is a social network and a classified ads website or an online marketplace combined.
  2. By being a social network, Nationton Republic allows its users to connect, communicate and share things with their friends and family: send friend requests and make friends, discuss topics, receive comments and reply to comments, receive messages and chat with friends and family, share photos and videos, join groups and create groups, create events and promote events and more.
  3. By being a classified ads website or an online marketplace, Nationton Republic allows its users to post ads, sell products online, find ads online, contact sellers and promote their own individual products or businesses online.
  4. Nationton Republic is a paid online service that charges a prescribed fee in order to allow its users to use its services.
  5. Nationton Republic uses some of its profit to employ each one of its users so that each one of its users get paid a specific amount when the user invites another people to join Nationton Republic and the invited person joins Nationton Republic.
  6. Nationton Republic can pay each of its users any amount of money stipulated on this website provided the user successfully performs the work assigned to him or her by Nationton Republic.
  7. Nationton Republic is both service provider and employer to its users.


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