1. Create a strong password for your account. Do not use familiar words, number strings or patterns such as your phone number, your own name, date of birth etc as your password. Include letters, numbers and symbols in a random way to prevent other people from knowing it easily.
  2. Do not share your account or password with any person.
  3. Do not use your password anywhere else on the internet except on Seekers Match
  4. When contacting people who are selling on Seekers Match, meet them in person in an open and busy place in order to exchange items, do not meet the person at isolated and quiet places you could be attacked.
  5. If you see an advert that seems unreal or that seems like scam or fraud, report to us immediately, send the advert link to us
  6. If a user on Seekers Match has defrauded you, report to the police immediately before reporting to us.
  7. Be a check on your neighbor on Seekers Match. Assist if a friend or member is in need.