What is Seekers Match Social Network and how to use it?

Seekers Match Social Network is the section available for all registered members to communicate with one another and to use it as a platform to communicate with their family and friends.

* You can make friends or even dating is possible on this section because it has provided you with the latest communication system to interact with people.

* You can Search for Members and Add them as friend to chat with them for free on "instant chat" 

* You can edit or complete your profile and add photos  of your choice to be able to make friends easily and fast when you login to your member Area by clicking http://seekersmatch.com/social-network/profile then click on "Edit Profile"

make sure that you fill all the details needed  at the "About" Section found at the left side of the page so that the page can save the changes, as picture below.

Upload Photo

* You can invite your friends from Facebook or Twitter with the tools provided at the member Area when you login to your account at " Invite Friends " then click "Invite Via Social Networks" and follow the instructions.

* You can create photo Album at http://seekersmatch.com/social-network/albums 

* You can Create Group at http://seekersmatch.com/social-network/groups 

* You can see your "dashboard" where you can use all the options provided in the Social Network as below picture


* You can Find your " USER MENU " at the right side of the Dashboard beside your "profile picture and name"  before "Search" button as below picture


* You can edit your privacy by clicking http://seekersmatch.com/social-network/profile/editPrivacy  which is located at the "USER MENU" as shown on above picture

 * Always check your notifications at the Dashbord to know when you have new friend request,new message, click on the "House" image at left side to return to your "timeline/profile"


*Explore the left menu option found below the "Dashbord" at the left side of your member Area for more wonderful features, as below picture just click on the menu to find out what you can do with them

Side Menu

* You can do a lot at the "Social Network" section and it is advisable to create a wonderful photo album so that you can make friends fast, from your member Area, you can have access to use the Classified,Jobs,Property and Blog section.

For more details send us message at http://seekersmatch.com/inquiry-and-feedback